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Outsourced Equity Research

Our services
Outsourced Equity Research

Ambra.Research provides comprehensive analysis across fundamental, economic and quantitative research to investment firms, helping them increase their research output and evaluate new investment ideas across markets

Our support ranges from basic assignments such as indicators watch and tracking, to more complex assignments such as customized research reports, financial modelling, valuations and forecasting

The following is a sample list of activities for Outsourced Equity Research:

  • New ideas generation

  • Issuers screening and selection

  • Issuer business description and initial detailed overview

  • SWOT analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)

  • Deep-dive business due diligence

  • Granular financial models set up from scratch and updates

  • Valuations

  • Preparation of Q&A with management

  • Internal memos preparation (earnings results, calls with management)

  • Money managers workflow support (managing calendars, conference calls, news flow, memos)

  • Analytics designed to support specific investment strategies and philosophies (Value, Growth, Macro)

  • Elaboration of investment thesis presentation

  • Analysis of “What Could Go Wrong”

  • Check-list based due diligence

  • Red-flags due diligence


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