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hedge Fund Research Outsourcing ; Outsourced Equity Research

Our clients
Hedge Funds and 
Money Managers

Ambra.Research provides its clients – including asset management firms, hedge funds and private investment funds – with comprehensive analysis across fundamental, economic, quantitative and technical research

  • Our services include:

    • Equity research to buy-side clients: sector and thematic research; company analysis; quantitative analytics; screening and data tracking

    • Credit & fixed income research to buy-side clients: sector and economic research; corporate credit research and modelling; screening; investment analysis

    • Economic research: sector and thematic research; database creation, updates and maintenance; provision of periodic updates with in-depth analysis on key events; econometric modelling and forecasting

    • Private company valuation services: advisory services for diverse transactions; reporting needs to start-ups, growth-stage and well established companies

    • Market research

    • Commodity & Currency research

    • Quantitative research

    • Access to market data


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