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Outsourced Equity Research

Our services
Business and Financial Due Diligence

Ambra.Research supports investment decisions and corporate finance transactions by providing business and financial due diligence services.

Ambra.Research Team is trained to identify, understand, and communicate key value drivers, risks, and the opportunities that matter most to our clients.

We concentrate on strategic objectives, negotiation opportunities, and operational efficiencies in defining the service appropriate to each engagement.

Our support would typically include the following activities:

  • Understand whether the proposition is commercially and financially viable. If not, why?

  • Assessment of the economic environment (micro and macro)

  • Assessment of the competitive landscape and threats or opportunities

  • Assessment of the regulatory and political environment

  • Analysis of the financial statement and financial projections. Are the projection viable in light of social, political, regulatory, economic and competitive environment?

  • Highlight any potential risks and concerns


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